Alan Publicity Photo A 8-9-13Alan Mindell`s two novels (The Closer–2013) (The B Team–2015) were published (not self-published) by Sunbury Press. The Closer has appeared on Amazon bestselling charts in four different categories. Both novels became Amazon`s number one bestselling paperback in recently released sports fiction.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, he played varsity baseball there for three years as a center fielder.  More recently, he coached high school baseball and basketball, and won four gold medals as a sprinter in the 2012 San Diego Senior Olympics.  Out of this sports background, he wrote The Closer, a baseball love story.

For many years, he has owned and bred thoroughbred race horses, winning stakes at Del Mar and Hollywood Park. This experience prompted him to write The B Team, the story of a one-eyed horse that winds up in the Kentucky Derby.

He has written screenplays for both novels, which are currently being submitted to Hollywood studios as possible movie projects.

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  1. Congratulations Alan. I admire you and greatly respect your talent and passion for life. Wishing you the best!!!! Armen Dirtadian


  2. Congratulations. You deserve it! I really like the home page of your site. (If you haven’t already, you should share the link to your site on your Facebook page as well).


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